Two decades. It has been two decades since the Internet revolution started in India and needless to say, every organization – big or small – is present in the digital space making most of it. The bigger players have got resources to keep themselves ahead in the game whereas the smaller ones, are often left behind or worst come, neglected. The bigger players have got channel(s) through which they can make their presence felt. The small ones, however, with limited or practically no resources, often times sink without a trace.

Social Media For Small Businesses

However, with the advent of social media, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been enabled to create an identity of their own without having the need to shell out disproportionate amounts of money. Here is a channel that gives them

  • The ability to directly connect with the audience
  • Has a huge part of their target group
  • Has proven to show results

But in spite of these big benefits, many small enterprises have not been able to grow their business & brand socially. The reason why they haven’t been able to make their mark in the digital space include:

Constantly changing technology/features on each platform, which results in not having trained people in the team – round the clock.

There is always a conflict of interest between the owner and the management as to what should go on the platforms.

  1. A lot of owners are not up to date the technology
  2. Failure to see the value of social media
  3. A lot of owners are dependent on the traditional methods of networking
  4. A lot of business owners don’t believe in outsourcing

With the aim to resolve these difficulties and empower every small and medium enterprise on social media, Solomofy was devised to bridge the gap between the business and their target group.

While social media and its outreach has been questioned in the past, an example was set by China-based handset maker OnePlus, which despite starting operations in 2014 was unable to raise funds from VCs. Having suffered a blow, the company turned to social media and aggressively marketed themselves across all popular platforms. As of today, the company has already launched OnePlus Two version!

Another interesting case study involving a company that made it big through social media due to their astuteness is HubSpot. The marketing software leveraged on LinkedIn to bolster its sales. As of today, their following stands at 60,000+ from a mere 16,000!


In the first part of this narrative, we have emphasized how reaching out to the right people will help you grow as well. Upon digging a little deeper, every small-scale organization will accept the fact that, in India, the traditional definition of an SME is an organization that has a headcount/PC count of less than or equal to 10-500.

Most of these new business(es) are dependent on – word of mouth/reference. They cannot afford any ATL/BTL activities to create visibility on brand/quality of output (product/service). Today the buying decision is made online. Whether it’s a business or an individual consumer, all of them would rather check the quality/cost/overall feasibility of the desired output online first before making a final decision.

We help our customers acquire a digital footprint beyond just a website. All developments/successes & initiatives are propagated within the target audience which gives them enough material to reference online before a buying decision is made. Our analytics makes the art an exact science with a measurable impact. The impact can range from a few hundreds to thousands; depending the client/product/market.


Team Solomofy thrives on one basic principle. We understand what the business’ expectations are and in order for them to connect with the audiences, we take the most comprehensible route, which is, visual and content generation.

Visuals live with the viewers for the longest time and the right content always clicks with the reader. With the perfect amalgamation of these two key factors, Solomofy not only provides you the right channel to advertise your business, it also ensures that a novelty factor is created out of your brand, through these two easy-yet-key steps!

Since most agencies do not have an option of letting their client check the status of copies and posts from their end, Solomofy believes in transparency, which is why, every client gets their own panel to check the flow of content and also track which post has created the maximum interest. Here’s how it looks on Solomofy

1-merchant-login-screen-mobile     2-merchant-profile-settings-mobile     3-merchant-home-screen-mobile

In order to track the status of your posts, it is not mandatory that you have to be dependent on your laptop. Solomofy gives you the leverage of accessing your personalized panel through your handheld device(s) that enables you to interact with Team Solomofy practically all round the day! Solomofy notifies for important tasks and let’s you check on the progress of your page. For a better understanding of the product, attached herewith are the screen-shots.

7-merchant-approval-screen-mobile    9-merchant-notification-screen-mobile    8-merchant-analytics-screen-mobile

We help you in create a brand with a ‘never-seen-never-heard-before’ viewpoint with the underlying belief that it will click and it has to click.

Some of the key things that we have learnt as a team are:

  1. The three key elements to be successful in the digital space are presence (or omnipresence), being to-the-point and being helpful.
  2. Finding the right audience demographically, industry-wise, function-wise & hierarchy
  3. Establishing trust! It is Solomofy’s endeavor to generate meaningful content, content distribution, posting updates, capitalizing on trending content.
  4. We believe in adding value to your service/product and not just advertising it
  5. Solomofy’s clients get to know exactly what they want to hear – in text form, imagery or pure-play creatives!
  6. Your customers are the best advertisers and we make it an effort that your values are imbibed in their psychology, thus resulting in word of mouth marketing.

Since there is no dearth of agencies, which provide social media plans for customers, one major problem that keeps SMBs and SMEs away from them is non-flexibility. The traditional agencies too have, somehow, diluted the trust of emerging business that have the potential of literally tearing through the skies by their no-bargain stand.

Solomofy believes in giving everyone a fair chance to prove their worth.