So, 2018 has been a year full of roller coaster till now. Lots of changes have affected search in 2017 and now that we are in the middle of 2018, all eyes are on the newly emerging trends and the updates that Google has in stock for us.
There are a lot of seo consulting company that actually work organically in India. If anyone only focuses on the pricing model, then definitely he is going to get banned in the next Google algo update. So the work plan, portfolio, & employee efficiency matters the most when choosing the right .

“Evolve or decay”- That’s the future of SEO. And if you find it hard to keep track of all the changes you must adjust to evolve with. So, here are the top

5 factors for SEO In 2018:-

1. Mobile-First Indexing:

How to get your site prepared It has been seen that Google has been working on mobile first indexing for quite some time now, and finally quite a big change (at least for Google itself) is about to roll out. To put it simply, instead of indexing and ranking your desktop-version content (and then pushing it down in rankings on smartphones if the website wasn’t mobile-friendly), Google will now index and rank the mobile version of the site. Fast, secure, mobile-optimized websites are the future. Websites should reflect the clear purpose of the company and have an easy to use interface.

2. THE RISE OF VOICE SEARCH: Is It A Threat Or An Opportunity?

The Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana- what we say today is a true explosion in the voice assistants industry. And more of them are sure to come. With the rise of voice assistants, voice searching is growing rapidly. But, what is voice search? It’s the same but definitely with a twist, since voice search is making the input truly conversational. And there are few things on which you should focus on to get voice search (and surely beneficial in traditional search as well).

  • Re-visit your keyword strategy.
  • Adjust your language.
  • Get featured snippets.

3. Content Marketing:

Why your constant efforts don’t bring results?

For a very long time, SEO was all about quantity. And even though time has changed, we still have one “quantity” concept in minds. That is the more content you create (for the more keywords you target) the better it would be.
Doesn’t it sound great? It has been observed that only 3% of your highest performing content “content unicorns”, as Larry Kim calls them as they bring most of your traffic. And the reasons for that are pretty obvious from the way search engine and social media both algo work. That is why it is the best performing content with the “highest engagement rates” that gets pushed higher in SERPs and in news feeds, so the mediocre pieces of content have absolutely no chance to catch up.

4. JavaScript SEO:

Google can process JS vs it DOES process it So you build an awesome website that is modern, beautiful, with all the visual affects you have always dreamt of. But, then you find it NOWHERE in search engines. And so do your customers. Sometimes, the main problem is JavaScript. And even though the latter try keeping up, they have very hard time here: instead of seeing your whole content right there, in the code, on your JavaScript website they see nothing: So, to understand your website the way users do, they need to first render JS and build a DOM-model. Can they do that? Well, Google claims they can. But, only in case you are very scrupulous in terms of your website setup.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages: Should We AMP-ify?

Well if you all actually missed the buzz, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative launched by Google in 2015. It is based on AMP HTML (regular HTML with some restrictions and extensions), AMP JS i.e. “a library that ensures the fast rendering of AMP pages”, and AMP Cache. When it first made its appearance, the project seemed to be the future of mobile content. And while it does have its advantages, Bastian Grimm from Peak Ace reminds us AMP is not a silver bullet that lets you ignore speed optimization of your main website.

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