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Facebook Reactions: What They Are and How They Impact the Feed

facebook reactions

Somebody rightly quoted:

We might be the masters of our own thoughts; still we are the slaves of our emotions

In a world of bottled up emotions, Facebook already made its mark, when it appeared as one platform where people could vent out everything they felt, through their status updates. Beyond personal stuff, Facebook emerged as one medium where businesses could formally exhibit their products. Continue Reading

Facebook Live – Everything You Need To Know

facebook live

Since its inception in 2016, Facebook Live has witnessed astounding growths that will only become more prominent in the coming times. The reasons are obvious; people prefer watching videos over other types of content as they are more interesting and engaging. Brands have since been in a lot of confusion on how to leverage this new update effectively. This article will help you on how to do a live streaming step-by-step with amazing tips and tricks that will surely help you with your branding which will further reach more Facebookers organically.
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How To Use Social Media To Hype Your Product Pre Launch

social media to hype product pre launch

Before we talk about how should one hype their product pre-launch using Social Media, one should understand why is it required in the first place. Ever wondered why the practice of pre-wedding shoots has become common nowadays? Well, that’s your answer to the fact as to why should you hype your product pre-launch! You simply need to create a buzz as to gain attention before the D-day! And equally simple is how to create this hype. Follow a few basic steps at the pre-launch phase, and you will be on your way to a successful product launch!

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How to Beat Google Mobile Page Speed Benchmarks?

mobile page speed

Your Mobile Website getting enough traffic? Good for you!

Ever paid much heed to the average loading time of your website? If not, we’ve got a shocker for you!

According to Google, “53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load”. Now that’s a big chunk.
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Why Switching To HTTPS Is Crucial For SEO Ranking And More

switching to https

When Google highlighted the importance of switching to HTTPS at it’s I/O conference in 2014, pushing for it’s aim for a ‘secure search’ in future, much was debated over this issue, especially among the small and medium businesses. Importantly, because this was not a plain sailing task and could potentially affect the SEO prospects of these businesses.
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Simple Twitter Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

how to use twitter to drive more traffic to your blog

“Blogging is not for earning, it is for sharing your knowledge with others”

Every blogger hopes that more and more people read and share their blog, some succeed and some don’t. With social media developing and becoming vast everyday getting blog traffic is not that tough. Did you know Twitter is the perfect place to share your blog posts but you’ll still have to go beyond tweeting the basics to drive substantial traffic to your blog.
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