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Ways Small Businesses Can Go Cashless

Small Business can go cashless

With the demonetisation, small businesses are finding it very difficult to sail through their daily operations. Primarily because it’s almost impossible for them to get hold of enough 100 Rupee notes to return as change to their customers, or their customers to have enough of the same currency to pay for the smaller amounts. Continue Reading

Why, What You Know Is Useless?



I want to start this article with a little anecdote. Recently I was talking to a customer for a case study, and I asked him why did you buy our product. He said “because you are making social media simple for me”. Continue Reading

Increase Your Conversion By Going Local


Oh no, I am not against the booming global economy or your plan to launch your product in an exotic foreign market. All i am saying is that where ever you launch your product, try to grasp the local culture of that place, soak in it’s diversity and understand the habits of the local people. Continue Reading

Are You Using Facebook The Right Way?

Are you using Facebook the right wayI am not going to tell you why your business should be on Facebook. You already know that, but is your business benefitting from Facebook the way it should – yes, no, maybe.
Read on to find out for yourself. Continue Reading

What Small Businesses Think Of Social Media Marketing?


The other day, I was having a discussion with one of my clients, and he asked me – what about the good old print and radio advertising, ain’t nobody got time for them? This got me curious, and after digging the internet for a while; I stumbled upon a survey by Gordon Borrell, in which he surveyed 7,500 small & medium sized businesses (SMB’s) only to find out that:
Continue Reading

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