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How India Blended Like Colours This Holi

blend like colours

A simple script, some in-house talent, and the fervour to do something meaningful, gave us more than 2 Lakh views across all Social Media platforms!

It was a few weeks before Holi that we were all discussing and brainstorming on the things we could do for the occasion, and it was also around the same time, that there was a lot taking place in the world outside our office. Those happenings made us ponder upon the fact that whether we had forgotten the way things were meant to be. Had we forgotten how to deal with things, issues, divides, or disagreements?
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Simple Tips To Enhance Facebook Ad Performance With The Right Image

enhance facebook ad performance

As the organic reach is decreasing day by day, meeting your goals from Social Media marketing has become a huge task to accomplish. Facebook paid marketing is thus a savior to the dying reach of your social media marketing. Paid marketing effectively helps in reaching the respective target audience and generate queries leading to successful conversions.
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How To Choose Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

choose best social media platform

Just like there are many ways to promote your business online, there are as many resources to implement it. Social media networks are incredible resources for business promotion. Although the platforms are free to use, paid advertising options are also offered specifically for brands that want to reach even more new audiences.
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