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10 Things SMEs Should Learn From MS Dhoni

10 things smes should learn from ms dhoni
Our favorite Mahi has stepped down as the Indian Cricket team captain of ODI and T20I. It is an end of a golden era. Though our captain cool will not be leading the Indian Cricket Team but the legacy he has left behind will always be cherished. His actions are such to be copied and practiced. What he said and did will always be an inspiration. Continue Reading

Top 10 Things To Know About Google Digital Unlocked

digital unlocked

Google has taken a very important step to empower the small medium businesses in India. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai today announced Digital Unlocked – an initiative through which Google will help small and medium businesses in India to come online and grow their business with digital. Continue Reading

Why Do You Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy And How To Start One?

need social media marketing strategy

Strategy, as the word suggests, is a plan of action devised to achieve one’s goals. A Social Media Marketing Strategy thus states how an organisation intends to use Social Media to achieve its goals. Once you have decided to have your Brand’s presence in the Social Media space, the next vital step is to devise such a Social Media Strategy, that it helps you achieve the very objectives you started off with. Continue Reading

7 Tips To Build A Targeted Audience In Social Media.

tips build targeted audience social media

While the world today can be seen heading towards dissociating physically, the obvious reason to it can be found in the growth of social media associations. The very essence of human nature, that is, socialization still stays intact on the various social media platforms. Continue Reading

Ways Small Businesses Can Go Cashless

Small Business can go cashless

With the demonetisation, small businesses are finding it very difficult to sail through their daily operations. Primarily because it’s almost impossible for them to get hold of enough 100 Rupee notes to return as change to their customers, or their customers to have enough of the same currency to pay for the smaller amounts. Continue Reading

Why, What You Know Is Useless?



I want to start this article with a little anecdote. Recently I was talking to a customer for a case study, and I asked him why did you buy our product. He said “because you are making social media simple for me”. Continue Reading

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